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SMAP is one of my favorite groups. They have wide range works. They are the musician, the comedian, the actor, MC, and so on. I like their songs, TV programs, TV dramas, and each characters. SMAP has five members, Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Shingo Katori, Tuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki. Q. Please tell me about the early years of SMAP. A.

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Jul 23, 2019 · The recent SMAP break-up drama proves how popular and influential they are that even bbc, the washington post, the guardian and other intl media cover this news and even the japanese prime minister feels relieves after announcing they won't disband..

Is blackpink disbanding Jan 26, 2017 · Honestly, why do most K-Pop groups disband after 7-10 years? I came here after being distraught finding out about the Wonder Girls disbandment and it made me think this question. Many groups in Japan and the West will have at least 10 year, but some K-Pop groups disband after just 7 (like 2NE1 an...

People keep making jokes about this and keep saying "lol disband" as if these girls somehow deserve to stalked/raped/ thrown into hiding just because JYP had them pander to neckbeards. It reminds me of when SNSD used to get death threats and Tiffany was told she's the reason why her mother killed herself. SMAP are going to disband, 4 members gonna left agency, except for KimuTaku. Not yet announced but it definitely going to happen. Can't stop crying T.T What will happen with Busaiku without Nakai-senpai? Saturday, SMAP, one of Japan’s oldest and most beloved pop idol bands still together, broke up. Though fans attempted to convince the group not to break up, even taking out newspaper ads worth... The members of The Items are no strangers to danger and disappointment. The members of The Millennials are no strangers to success and fights. Somehow, these two bands even each other out. But, with doom looming near, can they make it out alive? Or, will The Millennials disband forever, and The Items loose two of their own? Series. Part 2 of ... In fact, there has been many happenings since SMAP disbanded in 2016. The press circuit ended with a bad taste, which affected Takky and Tsubasa, who did not even have a disband press conference. After the death of Johnny Kitagawa and the announcement of Arashi, you can really feel it is an end of an era.

TOKYO -- Three former members of SMAP, the venerable and beloved Japanese pop group that disbanded late last year, will leave powerhouse talent agency Johnny & Associates in what could prove a ...

“SMAP, which has worked as an artist group for 25 years since their debut, will disband as of Dec 31, 2016,” said management agency Johnny & Associates Inc. tleneck their prestige movies with an eye on nabbing gold. Ralph Fiennes in “A Bigger Splash”, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman in “10 Cloverfi eld Lane”, Aug 14, 2016 · One of Asia's biggest pop groups, SMAP, is to break up at the end of the year after a 25-year career. The Japanese boy band, which sold 35m records up to last year, will disband on 31 December, its management agency said on Sunday. Rumours of a split had been rife since the turn of the year, but had all previously been denied.

SMAP are going to disband, 4 members gonna left agency, except for KimuTaku. Not yet announced but it definitely going to happen. Can't stop crying T.T What will happen with Busaiku without Nakai-senpai? The SMAP news is really distracting me. Most, if not all, pop idol boy bands disband eventually. This is SMAP's 28th year of existence. — Angel (@angelcwrites) 2016年8月13日 ⇒SMAPのニュースは本当に私を混乱させた。今年はSMAP誕生28年目の年だったのに最終的に解散になってしまうなんて。。。 There were speculations that SMAP would disband following Takuya Kimura's announcement of his marriage and Goro Inagaki's traffic altercation in 2001. Although they did not release even a single in 2004, the popularity of SMAP is still strong. "How hard it is to make Smap popular," that's what Johnny thought. Thus, he decided to disband the unsuccessful group. And, getting ready to focus on the next group's debut, TOKIO. But, the U-turn for Smap's history, happened around Oct-Dec 1993, when Asunaro Hakusho drama, or more well-known as Ordinary People showed on FujiTV. Lots of female ...

Posts about Concerts written by kjdiary. Dance events「UNITED Vol.3~RISING DANCE FESTIVAL~」by artists belonging to entertainment firm, Vision Factory was held on the 23rd in Tokyo International Forum.

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